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Product designer. Perpetual learner. Team player.

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Recent work

VieMed RT Banner.png

VieMed RT

VieMed RT is part of a pilot program that aims to extend patients’ lives through leveraging technology. By providing VieMed's respiratory therapists with insights into patients’ ventilator usage, we help them become more effective and engaging clinicians.

Side projects


Cloud Stands

Cloud Stands is a mobile-optimized web app that allows small market owners to create a straightforward onboarding process for vendors.

Disney Parent

Disney Parent is a responsive website that connects parents at Walt Disney World with premiere childcare specialists.

Satoshi's Law

Satoshi's Law is an Android app that allows users to track billable hours and allows their clients to pay them via the bitcoin lightning network.
This project was a part of Lambda School's 48 Hour Summer Hackathon, which won Most Polished Mobile UI.
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