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 I took this photo of an acoustic guitar I found on Unsplash. Then I isolated it from the rest of the image and experimented with Filters in the Filter Gallery to age it and give it a gritty, vintage look.

Inspired by the branding for the new John Wick 3 movie, I applied a gradient map to create a duo-tone poster.

I went from line art, to grayscale painting, to color! I played around a lot with textures, and really explored the Dodge and Burn tools to create highlights and shadows.

 I used the skills learned from previous challenges about textures and lighting, and created a classic SciFi movie poster

I used a photo of myself from a show I played with my old band, Starfighter. We were an 80s cover band so I wanted to utilize some of the blending modes to give it a futuristic yet retro feel. Glitchy. Shattered. Rock n Roll.

I added neon effects to an image to give it ‘Stranger Things’ vibes

I used the same skills from previous challenges to create a more modern sci-fi movie poster. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing, I went a space theme. I only used photos from NASA on Unsplash

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